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Geese At GHS

Geese At GHS

Yet Another "New" Computer Lab up and Running...

Yet Another “New” Computer Lab up and Running…

The Computer Lab in 245W is ready to use. 30 Computers from the Fred Meyer Donation! Ready to go! Unfortunately I ran out of keyboards…so 245E will not be ready until sometime next week.
210 Lab...up and running.

210 Lab…up and running.

A HUGE THANK YOU! To Tim Ramstad and his 5th and 7th Period classes. With their help the lab was set up and running in record time. Tim says he is exhausted! Please give him chocolate. These are computers from the Fred Meyer donation…the same as the lab in 246.
New Lease on Life for Old Emacs!

New Lease on Life for Old Emacs!

  Come and try the “new” computers in the library. They are running Linux and, for ancient computers, they are fast! They are perfect for Web searches and Google Apps. Your Tech department is working hard to make the computers we have work well. Try them out and let us...
Computer Lab 246 is Open!

Computer Lab 246 is Open!

    Sign up Now…


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Windows 7 & Vista – Running Checkdisk from a Boot CD/DVD

  The System Recovery Options will then appear, as shown below. To run checkdisk, you must click on Command Prompt. A black window will appear, as shown below. This is the Command Prompt. In order to run checkdisk to repair the hard drive, you should type the following: chkdsk C: /r and press Enter. If...

How To Set Up Apache with a Free Signed SSL Certificate on a VPS

Prerequisites Before we get started, here are the web tools you need for this tutorial: Google Chrome browser Apache installed on your VPS (cloud server) A domain name you own Access to an email address at that domain, either: postmaster@duable.co hostmaster@duable.co webmaster@duable.co StartSSL.com offers completely free verified (your users won’t have to see those scary...

Create a Custom Default User Profile for OS X 10.10

Create a default user profile for Mac OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10 Create a user account on OS X that will be a template for every other user of that computer. I usually call it “profile” and make it an administrator account for the time being. 1. Install and configure all applications as desired. It is important to...

How to enable the root user on a Mac

How to enable the root user OS X Lion (10.7) and later From the Apple menu choose System Preferences. From the View menu choose Users & Groups. Click the lock and authenticate as an administrator account. Click Login Options. Click the “Edit” or “Join” button at the bottom right. Click the “Open Directory Utility” button. Click the lock in the Directory...

send a video that plays from the place you want it to

You DO Know how to send a video that plays from the place you want it to don’t you. http://youtu.be/g8huXkSaL7o?t=1m9s

How to fix “no bootable device”

Using the install disk, repair the installation. Then using the Command line type: bootrec.exe /FixBoot If that does not work, repeat with the following command: bootrec.exe /RebuildBcd       Run Startup Repair three times anyway, with reboots after each attempt. Next boot free Partition Wizard bootable CD, click on HD to highlight it, from Disk tab...

How to Enable the Hidden Windows 7 Admin Account Using the Registry

How to Enable the Hidden Windows 7 Admin Account Using the Registry re-posted from http://www.howtogeek.com/ Imagine you have a Windows PC with a single user account, and you just lost your password. Here’s how to enable the hidden Administrator account with nothing more than the install CD and some registry hacking magic so you can reset...

Prevent the Windows XP End of Support Notification

Prevent the notification (Registry) The good news is that if the Windows XP EoS Notification has been installed on a system, it can be prevented with a simple Registry entry in either the HKLM or HKCU areas of the Registry. If you click through the pop-up, it will actually set the Registry key in both...

Win7 How to delete unwanted TCP/IP Printer Ports

Start regedit.exe and browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Currentcontrolset\Control\Print\Monitors\Standard TCP/IP Ports and remove the entire key (folder) with the name of the port you are deleting. You might have to restart the Print Spooler service after deleting that key to see the change go through. As always when working with the registry be careful and to be on the...

svchost using all cpu windows xp

This is what worked for me…after 3 days trying everything else! XP windows update was hugging my cpo to next to 100 %, till a friend asked me to install  ====> new KB931125 “update for root certificate fo win xp ( august 2013)” ggogle … then no more svchost to 100¨% when windows update enabled...

Edit host file in Windows

Windows Vista and Windows 7 Vista and Windows 7 use User Account Control (UAC) so Notepad must be run as Administrator. 1. Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories 2. Right click Notepad and select Run as administrator 3. Click Continue on the “Windows needs your permission” UAC window. 4. When Notepad opens Click File...

How can I restore an image of a partition to different partition with Clonezilla

Normally Clonezilla only allows you to restore the image to the same partition, i.e. if it’s saved from /dev/sda5, you can only restore that to /dev/sda5. If you really want to restore it to different partition, e.g. /dev/sda6, you can: Create the partition /dev/sda6, and make sure the size is equal or larger than the...